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Knowing that infrastructure development is key to happy and satisfied trainees, Skill India Consultants invested heavily in providing training infra services to empowering skill India programme. If you want to open skill India training centre but you don’t have appropriate infra then, Skill India Consultants helps you. At Skill India Consultants, We also help those experienced professionals who want to establish own training centre but don’t have appropriate infra. At Skill India Consultants, resources are available as and whenever you need it. We provide all type of facilities for training Centre Infrastructure: Training Space Lab Space Lab /other training related equipment While designing training infra, the significance of utilizing space, lab spaces and energy conserving resources is also kept in mind. Training centre, labs and other buildings which are essential for the community are renovated and made functional for community usage. We at Skill India Consultants believe that developing and maintaining training infrastructure are critical for the people, so that we offer complete training centre infra services. We have a team of experts who are capable to understand the demand of infra according to the Skill India programme. We believe in shape the future of India so we put our maximum efforts for Skill India initiative.