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Unlike inflexible, conventional training programs that do not keep pace with ever changing job markets, Skill India Consultants goes beyond rigid curriculum based learning and provides appropriate trainers services under Skill India program. These trainers encourage the trainees to develop inherent capabilities, articulate and identify their constraints and strengths and develop solutions to solve them in a self directed manner. Our experienced team of trainers guides the students to learn from their life experiences and take responsibility of their advancement. The certified trainer services run by Skill India Consultants are marked by several distinctive features that set them apart from other run-of-the-mill of trainers. Skill India Consultants facilitates certified trainers for the trainees to improve their potential, by developing exclusive life-skill sessions that include self-evaluation exercises and group industry interactions that are aimed at the best equipping the trainees to face life’s practical aspects. Institutions registered under skill India programme required certified trainers for specific sector, can contact us. We have team of certified trainer of various fields to train your students in an appropriate way. By help of our certified trainer listing, you can save your time and cost.