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In current, India was facing several problems with abilities of the workers in different commercial and industrial sectors. Most of the people had diplomas, bachelor’s degrees but didn’t possessed skill required for different activities. Throughout our life we are taught to study hard and secured good marks. But what’s the benefit of getting good marks if we do not possess any skill or talents. After all most of us are going to live our lives through our abilities to work. Through Skill India initiative, NAMO government intends to create a cadre of highly skilled individuals who are respected and recognized in different parts of the world. Skill India is conceptualized to provide a collaboration platform to help empower the people to freely connect with each other. It is mainly targeted to people seeking to enhance their existing skills. The main objective of this programme is to develop multi-disciplinary opportunities for the Indian youth. This programme is set to provide training and skill development to over 500 million Indian youth in country by 2022. By help of this programme, employment of potential human recourses of the country can be increased. Unemployed can find a gainful employment by furnishing the skill certification issues under the scheme. So,   Skill India Program initiative is a great step taken by the Modi government along with the Startup India initiative. Indian government is doing it for the benefit of the people and prosperity of India.