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Registration process

The first step in beginning your Skill India Training centre, before starting of classes for trainee, is to apply for registration. You will receive letters in the mail stating if you have been accepted or declined, and the reasons why. Whether you get declined or approved is based on how good your project plan is, your project plan scores, and the requirements of the government. The government is incredibly hard to get accepted into and only the best training centre gets in.

When going through the whole registration for your Skill Indian Training Centre process, Skill India Consultants would recommend taking a professional or expert step to start with. For the registration process of Skill India training Programme, we can help you from the very first steps such as documentation, project plan, space, center or lab setup, course design and much more.

We have team of experts who help you to complete your documentation and get approval for your training centre. When you file without assistance of experts this can be a pretty painful and worrisome wait; wondering if everything was submitted correctly. To submit everything correctly, you can take help of Skill India Consultants. You can take help of Skill India Consultants to narrow down an appropriate application for registration of Skill India Training Programme.