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70% of Indian population lives in rural areas where wage employment opportunities are limited and we need to focus on self employment. For training institutes located in urban areas, 42% of the trainees come from rural areas and therefore trainers need to have cultural sensitivity. Even in training institutes located in rural areas, 85% of trainers are from urban areas. The cultural sensitivity together with the course curriculum needs a change when the training is to be conducted in rural areas including small towns.

As India require 70,000 qualified vocational education trainers and assessors in current. Trainer is a critical player in the vocational employability space and understands functioning of the training institutes across categories to generate learning and recommended a road map to develop trainer’s capacity. Skill India Consultants helps to the experienced professionals to become certified trainer under Skill India programs.

Our professionals help trainers to complete their documentation which mandatory for skill India programmer. India has server shortage of training infrastructure to ensure continuous and regular skill development of trainers. Skill India consultants exist to help trainer to get certification under skill India programme. We help them to clear the assessment and evaluation tests of SSC. Our professionals provide support them to get ‘license to practice’ and for periodic renewal.