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Eligibility Assessment

We, The Skill India Consultants will cater our service to our clients regarding eligibility assessment process. We will help Training Centers in the whole process of eligibility assessment. SSC (Sector Skill Council) appointed Assessment Agencies will facilitate the assessment of Training centers. A centre can undergo for the assessment many times for qualifying for a particular job. A Skill India Training Centre will have to pay the assessment fee to any approved agency. The centre would also have to undergo formal training for the assessment. Whether you are seeking professional assistance with eligibility assessment processing, official qualification and training recognition, job search, or re-assessment services, the Skill India Consultants can manage the entire eligibility assessment process for you. Working with a team of advisors who specialize in the industry, helps to determine the correct action for the third party eligibility assessment process. The specialists also supervise the preparation of fully documented eligibility assessment and coordinates with three times with you to complete eligibility assessment. Skill India Consultants will provide you complete support and services for the process of eligibility assessment. We have a network of third party agencies that registered under Skill India Training programme. At Skill India Consultant, we will try to make eligibility processes easier and quicker for you.