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Since Skill India Consultants inception, we have helped several certified trainers to connect with different skill India training centers across the country. So if you are a certified trainer and looking for expert to connect with training centre then, Since Skill India Consultants is right option to contact. We have the complete list of skill India training centers across the India and helped you to get positioned there. Our priority is to make sure that expert trainers get the best match of training centers according to their skills. Dedicated to empower the Skill India Programme, we provide skilled and qualified trainers for different roles and functions across the programmer verticals. Connect right trainers for your training centre is one of the most challenging task, and partnering with us will help you save time, cost on recruitment of trainers. Skill India Consultants is an expert team of highly networked recruiters and consultants, with years of experience and in depth knowledge of Skill India Scheme. Our challenge hungry team has helped us to connect 99% Skill India Trainers from the right place. Our experienced professionals help several skill India centers to meet with skilled trainers for better training infrastructure. We work towards delivering the right person for your skill India training centre on time and with the minimum disruption to the trainees.