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centre assessment

Third party assessment and certification is a key mechanism of quality assurance in skills systems across the world, and is likely to be a defining feature of the skills policy in India. As well all know third party or agencies is required for Skill India Training centre assessment. Government set three stage of centre assessment- First, within 10 days of fresh batch started-Second, after completion of training-Third- for the job purpose.

For training centre, it is difficult task to get in touch with these assessment agencies and get appointment for assessment of their centre. There is always required experts assistance. Skill India Consultants has network of these centre assessment agencies and we can easily conduct your skill India training centre assessment. So, you can easily save your cost and time with us.

We have a team of experts who stay in touch with these agencies and basis of your queries; we fix your centre assessment appointment with them. Moreover, we also guide you for the modification of your training centre under skill India training programme which will help you for easy processors of centre assessment. At Skill India Consultants, we have team of experts who guide to the training centre for all big and small steps should be taken according to Skill India Progamme.