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Uber joins hands with Skill India and Maruti to create driver entrepreneurs in the country

Skill India in partnership with Uber, the smartphone app that connects riders with drivers at the touch of a button, has today announced the UberSHAAN initiative, aimed at creating 1 million driver entrepreneurs in India by 2018. Launching the initiative at the 9th Global Skills Summit at FICCI and supporting Skill India Mission, Uber announced partnerships with Maruti Suzuki and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in support of this vision. These partnerships will support skill development and driver training programmes to create livelihoods with dignity for the unskilled.

UberSHAAN is aimed at expanding access to economic opportunities across the spectrum. From providing access to skill development and driver training to the unskilled; to helping trained drivers receive commercial licenses; to supporting the entrepreneurial ambitions of licensed drivers through vehicle financing and leasing solutions, UberSHAAN intends to empower 1 million Indians as micro-entrepreneurs on the Uber platform.As part of the MoU signed with Maruti, the two will conduct a 4 month pilot in Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad and Chennai and organise driver training and on-boarding programmes, which is required to join the Uber platform. On completion of training and receipt of a commercial license, Uber will support the journey of successful candidates by offering vehicle financing and leasing solutions. Based on learnings from the pilot, the partnership will be expanded to other cities across India.Through its partnership with NSDC, Uber will setup Uber Partner Support Centres in Driver Training Centres affiliated to the Automotive Sector Development Council (ASDC) under NSDC. These centres will facilitate vehicle leasing, financing and digital skills for trained and certified drivers.

Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Union Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, shared, "The Hon’ble Prime Minister has laid a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and the role of technology in reaching out to the last mile. This partnership between NSDC & Uber reinforces my Ministry’s commitment to provide millions of youth access to 21st century market opportunities. Through concerted efforts towards skill development and establishing linkages to entrepreneurship opportunities, we can mobilise the untapped potential of millions of Indians and support them in their journey towards self-reliance. I applaud UberShaan's vision to partner with Skill India to empower one million individuals across the country. I extend whole hearted support to this initiative.”Welcoming the partnership, Manish Kumar, CEO, NSDC said, “The market dynamics have changed drastically with the unconventional approach that players like Uber have brought about in our country. It has opened doors for many who were sitting off the fence and did not know how to utilise their skills. Today internet platforms like Uber have given the opportunity to unite consumers and service providers and we feel this is a great way to promote entrepreneurship as well. We at NSDC are proud of this partnership and hope that this joint partnership benefits many who are in need. We at NSDC are committed to our goal of bringing innovative public private partnerships to the skills ecosystem and will deliver on best practises that will create strong career pathways for youth from all backgrounds.”

Amit Jain, President, Uber India said, “Uber is committed to creating more economic opportunities and extends full support to the government’s Skill India and entrepreneurship building initiatives. With UberSHAAN, our plan is to rapidly scale India’s entrepreneurial base and generate 1 million livelihood opportunities on the Uber platform by 2018. Our partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation and Maruti Suzuki will be instrumental in realising our goal by 2018”.

Randhir Singh Kalsi, Executive Director, Maruti Suzuki, said, “Maruti Suzuki has established a nation-wide network of driving schools and has been offering structured and scientifically designed driver training courses for over a decade. We are happy to partner with Uber India and provide professional driving training to the individuals who wish to become Uber Drivers. We expect to train 30,000 drivers under this programme, who will benefit from learning crucial aspects related to safe and responsible driving and also earn meaningful livelihood through this association with Uber."

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