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Skill Development Training for Youths must in these Changing Times

Prevailing reforms in economy also brought changes in business and trade, especially encouraging self-employment. But in rural areas, employment remained sector-specific and self-employment generation could not register appreciable presence.

In prevailing economic slowdown and changes takes place in employment sector, especially, in rural areas, the need of skill development training of different new emerging and priority sectors in Government have become need of the hour.

In Mahakoshal region, which is an agriculture-dominated economy, recent economic hit and slowdown has created a need of employment generation in rural areas. Now, for shifting available human force in rural areas to other sectors requires training of skills required in other sector.There are numerous self-employment schemes incepted by State and Central Governments through different departments. Minister of Skill Development, Government of India with state governments has introduced various sector-specific programmes on Skill Development through National Centre for Vocational Training (NCVT), New Delhi. Through Government institutions and non-government organisations, the NCVT is conducting skill development training.

In Madhya Pradesh, various priority sectors have been identified like Tourism, Textile, Food Processing and MSME. But available human forces, including literate or illiterate, requires skill development training as per demand in industry.There is need to plan training for new employment engagements, especially for youths in farmer’s family. In terms of generating human resources for new enterprises, new training programmes should be chalked out.

CEDMP, Centre Coordinator, S L Kori opined that demand is available in industries, especially, in MSME of food processing, automobiles, electronics, tourism and other allied sectors. But to match the demand of skilled human resource, the available resources and manpower could not be termed satisfactory. On ground, the people require sector-specific and work specific training to match its ability to the technology being used in the industry. To sustain employment, the employees have to take additional training.

Shailja Sullere, Director, ASAUD a voluntary organisation working for self-employment training in NCVT programmes, opined that majority of young people coming for training belong to families with poor financial condition. And for self-employment, if they avail benefits of self-employment schemes and works, they require additional training to run business. Skill-based employment also requires more training and information about market and industry. However, after the training, majority of people get inducted in different enterprises and industry.

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