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Skill India Consultants believe in the power of contribution and collaboration to bring about the change that we want to see in society. At   Skill India Consultants, we are embarking on journey with a purpose. Skill India Mission 2022- to impart market orientated employment linked to 20 lakhs youngsters by 2022. We invite to the intuitions and professionals who are interested to start Skill India Training Centre and be the change. Here, we are going to provide complete consultancy services from step one to the end. Engage partners, maximum members and stakeholders Facilitate skilled trainers Support and promote skills initiatives across India Offer a sustainable platform for the skills movement At Skill India Consultants, we believe that the task of creating change is not for few but for all of us. We have developed a remarkable and comprehensive consultancy to allow the people and institutions to know about the services available at the Skill India Consultants. We attempt to bridge this widening between those who have access to opportunities and those who are increasingly being marginalized from the new economy jobs. Our professionals developed curricula for new and customized courses, which is followed by the trainers in different training centers across India. The courses are designed as per demand of the job industry. We are establishing linkages and contacts with different stakeholders of the industry to promote the association.