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The Skill India initiative by the Modi government aims to provide training to the youth of the nation. The basic idea behind the whole program is to train people in industry specifics skill to help them live a financially secure life.
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Unlike inflexible, conventional training programs that do not keep pace with ever changing job markets, Skill India Consultants goes beyond rigid curriculum based learning and provides appropriate trainers
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Training Infra

Knowing that infrastructure development is key to happy and satisfied trainees, Skill India Consultants invested heavily in providing training infra services to empowering skill India programme
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Training Centre

We have with us widespread experience in utilizing our expertise as well as exact and best possible solutions for our clients. Our team is supported by their valuable industry comprehension and contacts
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Why Choose Us

We are the only one who has taken an initiative to propel the Skill India initiative of the government.With our services we open up new vistas and avenues for our clients. One can be sure of benefitting from the vault of opportunities once they are connected with us. Our consultancy works at various levels; citizens can find the right training course and right training center at right timeand training centers can get registered under the Skill India, get placement assistance and get customized training infrastructure too. Skill India has a team of professional experts who have been following the Skill India program since its inception. Our team realizes the potential of the program and is determined to turn the vision of this ambitious program into reality. One can be sure to meet the authentic trainers, authentic training centers, authentic training courses and authentic citizens. Skill India Consultancy is one such which will help align all the activities in the program





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A great initiative has been taken aiming to prevent air pollution in Indian cities. With this motive, ‘Clean Air India Initiative’ has been launched in the capital city on Thursday. The initiative has been taken by the Prime minister of Netherlands, Mark Rutteduring his two-day visit in India. The main aim is to promote a business relationship between Dutch companies and Indian startups to ...
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He assured that the minimum support price (MSP) of farm goods would be fixed at 1.5 times the input cost, based on the overall cost of production which includes the cost of farming land rent and unpaid labour who are basically the by family members of the farmer.In the last Union Budget report on February 1 this was already announced. With this move, the government tries....
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With "jobless growth" being a persistent feature of official statistics over the past decade, the Union Budget is being keenly watched for measures to spur employment and skilling, particularly in the context of increasing urbanisation.The Budget+ is expected to tackle this area of concern that the Modi government has inherited from the UPA and which was highlighted byCongress in its critique of the ...
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Prevailing reforms in economy also brought changes in business and trade, especially encouraging self-employment. But in rural areas, employment remained sector-specific and self-employment generation could not register appreciable presence.In prevailing economic slowdown and changes takes place in employment sector, especially, in rural areas, the need of skill development training of different new ....
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