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Placement Assistance

Completion of Skill India Training is the first step of trainee in Job journey. To drag the better job opportunities toward your Skill India training centre, you have to know the secrets of successful placement assistance services. The training centre needs to know how to find job opportunities for trainees. Skill India Consultants personally assist your training centre for the placement assistance of your training centre.   We have team of experienced human resources who keep eye on job opportunities and provide training how your trainees secure a good job. We provide you complete assistance for the placement from step one to the last one. Our professionals will show you a variety of choices in placement sector. Check them out and compare programs, financial aid opportunities, career services, and schedules.   Then on a single phone call at Skill India Consultant, you will get placement assistance for your skill India Training centre batch. Besides providing a wealth of guidance on the placement assistance, Skill India Consultants can introduce you to experts and professionals in your area of interest. Assess our network and how big the scope of our contacts is. The reason for this is, we have a wide network, and Skill India Consultants can get placement assistance information for you.